Welcome to
Columbiana, Ohio

Columbiana Area Tourism Bureau

Welcome to the Columbiana Area!

We are known for our friendly, small town heart. In October of 2019, we were even voted by Reader’s Digest as “The Nicest Place in America!”

Come visit our unique specialty shops, antique stores, historic sites, farmers markets, and quaint restaurants. You will find a lot to do throughout the year.

Stop in to see us Monday through Friday 10am – 4:30pm.
Columbiana Area Visitor’s Center
11 N. Main Street
Columbiana, OH 44408

Whether you are interested in a round of golf, browsing the largest community market in the region, strolling through historic neighborhoods, or looking for the right craft gift for a friend, you are sure to find it here in Columbiana, Ohio.

Columbiana Area Tourism Bureau (CATB) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Columbiana’s unique heritage and sustainable tourism designed to contribute to the area’s economic growth. The charity hosts the Joy of Christmas and Wine Festival events
annually, collaborates with local businesses and works in conjunction with the Columbiana Chamber of Commerce.

Awarded “Nicest Place in America 2019” by Reader’s Digest and ranked 19th in “The Top 25 Hallmark Christmas Towns Index” by Runaway Suitcase/

For more information, please call the CATB at 330 482-2282, or email

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